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HRS! Episode 13 - Sweet Dreams (BWs06e10)

NOVEMBER 27th, 1995 - It's all led up to this (at least for Josh) -- Cody competes for a spot on the US Olympic swim team! Will the blond bohunk of Baywatch succeed and go on to try for the gold? Can the support of leggy and loving CJ bolster his God-given talents? Is the coaching of saint Stephanie enough of an edge? Also, Logan finds an abandoned infant in his tower and assumes it must be his. All that, plus: SPEEDOS!

BAYWATCH BASICS #Stephanie Holden (Alexandra Paul) #CJ Parker (Pamela Anderson) #Cody Madison (David Chokachi) #Logan Fowler (Jaason Simmons) #Mitch Buchannon (David Hasselhoff) #Hobie2 Buchannon (Jeremy Jackson) #Caroline Holden (Yasmin Bleeth)


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