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In the mid-90s, Baywatch was indisputably the biggest show in the world -- it aired in over 140 countries and was watched by over a billion viewers. What was so interesting that everyone around the globe had to watch? Boobs, sure, and lots of slow motion running but there was so much more! 

Drug runners, ghosts, roller hockey, killer electric eels, homicidal teens, hurricanes, Macho Man Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan, bad parenting, gang wars, exploding watch towers, hidden princesses, refugees, shark attacks, smuggling rings, the Special Olympics, massive earthquakes, toxic waste, and men. Lots and lots of men!

Josh and Denny stumbled into a mutual appreciation for Baywatch one summer afternoon. Seizing Denny's momentary lapse in judgment, Josh convinced him to join together and they created Hot Red Shorts: A Gay Watch of Baywatch! It's a podcast to talk about the campy fun that took place on the shores of southern California oh so long ago. 

Baywatch provided plenty of episodic drama and fluff but the abundant unintentional (?) subtext means there's fun to be had. Each episode watched and discussed is picked at random so care is taken to contextual the moment, to help realize what else was happening as a show about lifeguards ruled the airwaves. 240+ episodes and spanning three decades, there's a lot to talk about!



Exposed to massive amounts of cathode-ray tube radiation throughout his youth, Josh grew into an overly-anxious, endlessly-gabbing, pop culture-immersed man of many interests. If he's not talking about, well, anything at a given moment, just wait for a silent space. Full of opinions, trivia, and more than a fair amount of $#!+, Josh keeps himself busy with work, his dog Reeses, his partner Glenn, and his many time consuming yet nonmonetizable hobbies.



Denny hails from the far-flung shores of Dirtona, Florida, and he's resided in the Sunshine State his whole life (though he avoids his coastal home like a plague). He spends as much time as possible sleeveless; unless nudity is permitted! Denny's father was a lifeguard across his storied career but it remains to be seen if Denny will actually ask him any pertinent questions. If he's not gaming, he's busy shopping for a new game, or finding a cat to pet.

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It takes more than lots of free time and high tolerance for schlock to put together a podcast! It also takes patience, understanding, money, and especially these two:

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