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Gay Watch

To view a tv show or film from a homosexual perspective; focusing on stereotypical homo-type stuff: innuendo, unintentional subtext, camp (high or low), same-sex pairings and confusions, etc.

1: "Let's gay watch An Interview with a Vampire this weekend!"
2: "I think that's the only way you can watch that movie."

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In the wild world of streaming there's always something to watch -- something bigger, something crazier, and always something new! But there are countless hours of enjoyment to be had in mining the shows and films of our past, particularly when you watch with intent!

A lot of people mindlessly binge watch or even hate watch things but let's take a more positive approach. When you gay watch something, you aren't looking to tear through obvious shortcomings of a show but rather delight in what *is* there. A guilty pleasure should still bring you pleasure, not remind you of negativity!

The detached irony of Gen X can sometimes lead to cynicism but there's enough of that already! We're looking for the campy treasures not-so-hidden in the tv listings of our youth. The boob tube did a lot of heavy lifting in the upbringing of generations of people and there was fun to be had and lessons to be learned! Seemingly innocuous storylines and paper-thin characterizations gives us the opportunity to build whole worlds of depth that would only be hinted at, week after week, as Hollywood ground out episodes to fill the space between commercials.

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