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HRS! Episode 22 - Rubber Ducky (BWs05e13)

JANUARY 30TH, 1995 - Logan's desperate to stay in the good ole US of A, but his choices are either a sham marriage to a rich, bitchy widow or paying a shady character! He better hope he can win the annual rubber duck race so he can afford a way out! Caroline still thirsts for the disloyal Aussie and Logan's more than happy to string her along! Elsewhere, Mitch's new girlfriend, Tracy, harbors a dark secret, just in time for Irene Buchanon, Mitch's stylish mother, to make a visit to Baywatch! Will she find new love late in life, despite Mitch's disapproval of her choice of man?

BAYWATCH BASICS #CJ Parker (Pamela Anderson) #Cody Madison (David Chokachi) #Mitch Buchannon (David Hasselhoff) #Caroline Holden (Yasmin Bleeth) #Hobie2 Buchannon (Jeremy Jackson) GUEST STARS #Jock (Marco Giuliano) #Jess (Chris Fonseca) BEHIND THE SCENES Evan Somers (writer)


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