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HRS! Episode 24 - Double Jeopardy (BWs09e19)

April 26, 1999 - There's havoc on the homefront at Casa Buchanan, as father & son clash! As close as they might be, Hobie2 just can't imagine having to double-date with his dad and finds himself looking for a way out. Maybe the duplicitous Neely3 can save the day, while being the sand in Mitch's shorts! Meanwhile, Alex trades cake for chaos as she finds herself detoured from her grandmother's birthday party -- instead dragged into an underwater cave and a diamond smuggling ring! Or is it drug running?

BAYWATCH BASICS #MitchMitch Buchannon - David Hasselhoff #Hobie2 Buchannon - Jeremy Jackson #Alex Ryker - Mitzi Kapture #Neely3 Capshaw - Jennifer Lynn Campbell BEHIND THE SCENES EPISODE DIRECTED BY PARKER STEVENSON, Lawyer lifeguard himself, #Craig Pomeroy!


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