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HRS! Episode 8 - The Swimmer (BWs09e09)

NOVEMBER 21th, 1998 - Action abounds at the beach, though Mitch's existential crisis provides no through-line! Cody & JD strip down some imperiled policemen and their fantasies take them away to a parade! Newmie struggles with his self-image! April & Lawyer Lifeguard Craig become an item, in secret! And as if that wasn't enough, Jessie learns to be a stunt woman from a creep in a jumpsuit!

BAYWATCH BASICS #Mitch Buchanan #April Giminski (not Summer!) #Jessie Owens #JD Darius #Cody Madison #Newmie #LawyerLifeguard #Craig Pomeroy **GUEST STARS** #Ed Symes

1 comment

1 Comment

Feb 09, 2023

Great content, y'all! Here's some "Harder" (30) Baywatch - Gregory Alan Williams - Harder - YouTube

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