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HRS! Episode 10 - Tentacles part 2 (BWs04e07)

OCTOBER 25th, 1993 - The monster of the title is nowhere to be seen, replaced by the dread of corporate intrigue! Young Caroline makes her Baywatch debut, just in time for her big sister, Stephanie, to save the day! How many engagements can two women have?! Mitch remains trapped in soap opera hell while at sea, gun firmly in his face! And will Hobie 2 bring home the A&W cream soda?!

BAYWATCH BASICS #Mitch Buchannon (David Hasselhoff) #Hobie Buchannon (Jeremy Jackson) #Garner Ellerbee (Gregory Alan Williams) #Newmie Newman #Caroline Holden (Yasmin Bleeth) (first episode!) #Stephanie Holden #CJ Parker (Pamela Anderson) GUEST STARS #Jordan Stewart (Peter Reckell) #Debra Harris (Kristian Alfonso) #Frank Randall (Joe Lara)


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